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Create a template (MT4)

Applies to:
MindTouch 4 (legacy)
Role required:
Expert has a robust library of templates, but there will be times when creating your own template is necessary.

NOTE:New Page templates will show in the New Page dialog box so a user can create a new page based on the template. For more information, read how to edit a template.

Navigate to the Templates page

From the navigation bar, click the Site Tools drop-down menu and then select Templates.

Create a new template

From the Templates page, on the navigation bar, select New Page.

Define a new template

  1. Name the new template.

    You must keep Template: in the page title for it to be considered a template.
  2. In the body field, add content.

    The Rich Text Editor can be used to format the content.
  3. Once the template is completed, click Save.

    Inline Comments, DekiScript blocks, Javascript blocks, and CSS blocks will not execute when you view the Template directly so you will see the block itself.  Once you create a new page with it or invoke it dynamically, then it will render.


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