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Analytics API

The analytics API provides programmatic access to Expert's analytics data, enabling customers to leverage the data in their own infrastructure and combine it with other sources.


The Analytics API is a good fit for teams that want to: 

  • Unlock richer insights by combining Expert data with other sources.
  • Build flexible, comprehensive reports that are tailored to business needs.
  • Incorporate usage metrics into third party tools like data pipelines and BI visualization layers.
  • Access granular data for deeper analysis.
  • Future-proof analytics capabilities as needs grow and change.

Example use cases

Data-driven retention campaigns

The customer success team at ACME Corp uses the Analytics API to pull usage data on their top content into their CRM automation platform. By combining this data with their CRM system, they build targeted retention and adoption campaigns that highlight their most popular assets to key customers. The Analytics API enables them to easily keep their usage data up to date within their broader retention and adoption analytics ecosystem.

Consolidated executive reporting

The C-suite at ACME Corp needs a comprehensive view of how all their software tools and platforms are being used across the organization. They use the Analytics API to extract Expert's analytics and combine that data with data from their other systems. This aggregated data feeds into their data warehouse and business intelligence platform to create a single source of truth that leadership can leverage to understand overall performance. The Analytics API allows them to efficiently pull Expert data into their centralized reporting environment.

Matching dashboard reports to Analytics API endpoints

The Analytics API data corresponds to many Expert dashboard reports. Click into the endpoint documentation for information on fields available in each report, as well as guidance for how to calculate the metrics found in the dashboard reports.

While the data provided in the Analytics API is the same data presented in dashboard reports, processing differences between the Expert UI and your analytics pipeline may differ, so expect slight differences in metrics between the two. 

For data found in this UI Report: Use this Analytics API Endpoint: Endpoint
Capture Manager KCS_EVENTS /@api/deki/site/analytics/kcsevents?month=YYYY-MM
Community Scoring   coming soon
Content Aging   coming soon
Customer Insights CUSTOMER_INSIGHTS /@api/deki/events/user-activity/logs/file?month=YYYY-MM


Help Request and Usage HELP_REQUEST_AND USAGE /@api/deki/license/usage/logs/file?month=YYYY-MM
Language Report PAGE_VIEWS /@api/deki/site/analytics/pageviews?month=YYYY-MM
Page Views PAGE_VIEWS /@api/deki/site/analytics/pageviews?month=YYYY-MM
Path Completion PATH_EVENTS /@api/deki/site/analytics/pathevents?month=YYYY-MM
Search Insights   coming soon
Self-Service PAGE_VIEW_SESSIONS /@api/deki/site/analytics/pageviewsessions?month=YYYY-MM
Session Insights USER_ENGAGEMENT /@api/deki/site/analytics/userengagement?month=YYYY-MM
Site Activity SITE_ACTIVITY /@api/deki/site/activity/logs/file?month=YYYY-MM


Site History SITE_HISTORY /@api/deki/events/page-hierarchy/logs/file?month=YYYY-MM
Traffic Insights USER_ENGAGEMENT /@api/deki/site/analytics/userengagement?month=YYYY-MM


User Contributions   coming soon



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