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September 2023 Releases

Releases: 2023-09-07, 2023-09-14, 2023-09-21, 2023-09-28

Release 2023-09-28

Today’s release included under-the-hood changes for product maintenance and preparation for upcoming features.

This release is complete. The Release was deployed to all Expert sites as of 05:32PM (PST).

Release 2023-09-21

This release is complete. The Release was deployed to all Expert sites as of 01:03 PM (PST).


Media Manager

Moving a collection to a location and then back to the original will no longer throw a 409 error.

When an attachment is deleted from the Media Manager, the Move and Delete buttons for the remaining attachments will persist.


When the search refinement option is selected, search results will reflect the choice automatically.


In the page settings, the listing display on guides has been updated. The group of radio buttons is now enclosed in a fieldset, and the form label is correctly associated with the form.

Release 2023-09-14

This release is complete. The Release was deployed to all Expert sites as of 2:22 PM (PST).


Find & Replace

After completing a job, the number of instances displays correctly. Previously, the tool would inaccurately state that it replaced 0 instances on 0 pages.


Pinned Pages for CRM

When Pinned Pages is enabled on a site, the Expert for CRM Touchpoint can be configured to include a dedicated tab that returns a user's pinned pages.

pinned pages in CRM release091423.png

Note: To include the Pinned Pages tab, a new Touchpoint will need to be created and implemented.

Pinned pages for CRM TP edit screen.png

Release 2023-09-07



Creating a new page now functions as expected. Previously, a console error prevented a new page from being created unless the user clicked on a different page template than the default selected template.

Homepage links

The correct Guide tab now displays for all users. Previously, for non-Seated members, both the first tab on the page and the selected tab would be active but unable to display articles.

CRM Search

When copying linked articles using the "Copy linked articles" button on the Search tab, the titles and URLs are captured to the clipboard. Previously, content pasted had "undefined" as page title and "undefined" as page URL.



On smaller viewports, icons replace text for the tab display. This allows users to see all available tabs at once even on smaller screens.

Before: After:
pinned icons in CRM release090723 before.png pinned icons in CRM release090723 after.png

When a page has a Draft, the "Attach a file" button is disabled. This used to result in an error message when attempting to upload a file to a live page that had an existing Draft.


The header notice includes options for live and draft Placeholder pages. This allows users to easily identify that they're viewing a placeholder, rather than a live published page, to avoid confusion when working though many pages or between tasks.

Placeholder page: image (21).png
Draft of placeholder: image (22).png
Draft of live page: image (23).png


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