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May 2023 Releases

Releases: 2023-05-04, 2023-05-11, 2023-05-18, 2023-05-25

Release 2023-05-25

This release is complete. The Release was deployed to all Expert sites as of 1:27 PM (PST).


CRM Touchpoint

  • Icons in flash messages in the View tab now display correctly.
Before: After:
SF View tab, error message should have an X inside a red circle in the lefthand side, and an X in the top right corner to close the window, but these icons appear as empty boxes. SF View tab error message has the correct icons to indicate an error to the left side of the message (an X inside a red circle), and a small X in teh top right corner to close the error message.
  • Flash message are now formatted correctly.
Before: After:
View tab showing a flash message that just displays icons. The message box contains no text and is oddly shaped (more vertical than horizontal, so text would probably be harder to read if any existed). The error message looks normal, with text in it that is readable. It says, "Error: Failed to link to case. Service Unavailable."

Release 2023-05-18

This release is complete. The Release was deployed to all Expert sites as of 12:52 PM (PST).



A category with guides / categories that have been reordered maintains the order after import.


When copying a page with a "+" in the title, after changing the name of the new page, the title reflects the changes. Previously, the URL would update but the title would not.


After submitting article feedback, the user can close and exit the post message screen by clicking on the [ X ] icon. Previously, the feedback screen would not close.

Green feedback confirmation box with X inside a red box to highlight where to click to close the box.


SAP C4C Touchpoint

When a user activates the "Show more" button, the focus shifts back to the search results and highlights the first result that they haven't interacted with yet. For example, if the search results loads items 1-10, then the user presses the "Show more" button, the focus shifts to results 11-20.

Previously, when using the JAWS screen reader, the focus moved to the "Create ticket" button instead of the new search results.

Release 2023-05-11

This release is complete. The Release was deployed to all Expert sites as of 3:32 PM (PST).



The Featured Articles tab now displays on all Guide pages correctly. Previously, no pages were showing in the tab despite pages existing there.

Before: After:
Featured articles tab missing articles Featured articles tab showing articles as expected


CRM Touchpoint

Styling has been added to the "Unlink from case?" confirmation on the View tab.

Before: After:
CRM unlink confirmation before styling CRM unlink confirmation after styling

Release 2023-05-04

This release is complete. The Release was deployed to all Expert sites as of 11:46 AM (PST).


Link to Case

When unlinking an article from a case, the article title and URL are no longer copied to the clipboard.

CRM Touchpoint

The "Copy articles" button in the linked articles widget now behaves as expected. Previously, it was not responding when clicked.


A11y (Accessibility)

On the search results page, the first search result can be reached within 3 clicks. This makes getting to relevant information almost 4x faster for people with screen readers, as it used to take somewhere around 11 clicks to reach the first search result.


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