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April 2023 Releases

Releases: 2023-04-06, 2023-04-13, 2023-04-20, 2023-04-27

Release 2023-04-27

This release is complete. The Release was deployed to all Expert sites as of 10:34 AM (PST).


Salesforce CRM Widget

After searching for an unlinked article in a CRM Widget, and linking and unlinking an article, the confirmation buttons will appear as expected.

Home Page

The HTML element ID mt-localizations-help-widget no longer appears multiple times on the home page.

Topic Hierarchy Tab

Reordering tabs in the Topic Hierarchy Tab will now persist after refresh.


Link to Case

The GET:linktocase/{caseid}/links endpoint now has a deleted query parameter to retrieve deleted links for a specific case id.


Support for the Norwegian language has been added for site localization.


After conducting a search and being taken to the search results page, pressing the Tab key will iterate through the search results.


The alt attribute of the thumbnails on a category page, as well as the title attribute of the associated link, have been removed. This was done for accessibility purposes.

Site Logo

The site logo now has an aria-label that links to the home page.

Release 2023-04-20

This release is complete. The Release was deployed to all Expert sites as of 10:59 AM (PST).



Links in custom site footers are now clickable on mobile. Previously, the tool bar was getting fixed to the bottom of the screen, which would cause custom footers to cover the topmost links and make those links un-clickable.

Review Manager

  • If no other Reviews are open for a draft, the Publish confirmation does not warn against publishing. Previously, there was a message stating, "There is one or more open review for this page. Publishing this draft will cancel any open review for this page."
  • The summary for the review now includes the correct user. Previously, the review said it had been requested of the requestor.


Error messages displayed in Salesforce now include icons.

Before: After:
Salesforce error message without icon, shows the outline of a box where the icon should be. Error message with icon of an X inside a red circle to the left of the message text.


Release 2023-04-13

This release is complete. The Release was deployed to all Expert sites as of 2:39 PM (PST).

Today’s release included under-the-hood changes for product maintenance and preparation for upcoming features.

Release 2023-04-06

This release is complete. The Release was deployed to all Expert sites as of 9:51 AM (PST).



On a copied article, links containing an anchor are now updated to reflect the new location / path. Previously, the links were not updated on copied articles, so users would be re-directed to the original location of the article when visiting the hyperlink.

Link to Case

After unlinking a case, the UI indicates the correct link state. Previously, when the page was refreshed, the button would still say "Unlink from case" after the case was unlinked.


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