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August 2021 Releases

August Updates


Reporting and Filtering Enhancements (announced 2021-07-22, released 2021-07-29)


User Interface
You will notice some improvements to our Page View, Path Completition, and Self-Service reports. They have a fresh, modern look and feel; user-friendly filters; and improved performance. Most notable changes are to the filters and some data visualizations.

Channel Filtering
We have added the ability to filter traffic by channels in the Page View, Path Completition, and Self-Service reports. This new channel filtering allows customers to filter reporting data based on engagement channels such as direct traffic, referrals, organic search, and Touchpoints to gain a better understanding of where your usage is coming from.

Bot Traffic Filtering
Report users will now have the ability to include or exclude traffic that comes from bots. Depending on your use case, this will allow you to filter Page View, Path Completition, and Self-Service reports for automated vs human traffic.

Path Completion Report Session Calculation
The definition of "session" used in the Path Completion report today is not consistent with the definition in our other reports. The Path report was developed before we established our current definition of a session. This change will align sessions, in this report, with our other Customer Experience reports.

It should be noted that we did some comparisons and noticed up to a 30% difference in the counts shown on customer sites with the change in calculation. This change is retroactive and will be applied to all previous sessions calculated in the Path Completion report. If you have further questions about this change, please reach out to Support.

Release 2021-08-05

Today’s release included under the hood changes for product maintenance and preparation for upcoming features.

Release 2021-08-12


Intelligent Search

Search query constraints with multiple plus (+) sign terms will now only return the results that contain all queried terms.

Release 2021-08-19

Today’s release included under the hood changes for product maintenance and preparation for upcoming features.

Release 2021-08-26

This release is complete. The Release was deployed to all Expert sites as of 9:36 AM (PDT).


Link Dialog​​​​​

To provide a more consistent experience in the Link dialog, when you paste an internal page path in the Link to field, the title attribute generated in the link will now use the page's title instead of the page's full URL. Pasting a link to an external page will still generate the full URL in the title attribute.



When using quotes around a query, the results will only return the literal term, rather than the stemmed version of the term.


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