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How to show pre-translated content

This article explains how to show pre-translated content with Instant Translation.


Showing pre-translated content is sometimes required for legal disclaimers or industry specific terminology. Pre-translated content can be conditionally shown using DekiScript HTML attributes and the __translate environment variable. The __translate environment variable is set to the IETF language code when Instant Translation is active, otherwise the value is nil.

The following HTML fragment shows how to present the desired pre-translated content depending the translation language.

<div if="__translate" translate="no">
    <p if="__translate=='de-DE'">
        This content is only shown when the page is translated to German by Instant Translation.
    <p if="__translate=='fr-FR'">
        This content is only shown when the page is translated to French by Instant Translation.

<div if="!__translate">
        This content is only shown if the page is not translated by Instant Translation.

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