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Grant access to restricted public pages

Grant specific groups access to restricted public-facing Expert pages.


Grant access to semi-public pages

  1. Navigate to the pages you want to restrict access to.
  2. From the toolbar, select Options > Restrict access
  3. Verify your page is configured as Semi-public.
  4. In the User or group type the group's name (the field may auto-populate).
  5. Select the group role depending on the tasks the group is allowed to perform on the page.
  6. Click Add to list.
  7. If restricting a whole section, click Apply restriction settings to sub-pages and choose the appropriate option.
  8. Click Save permission settings.

Screenshot of group access granted on semi-public page

New sub-pages automatically inherit the restrictions of their parent pages. You will not need to individually set restrictions for every new article you create under a restricted page.




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