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Prioritize Content that Serves Your Audience

Determine the cornerstone content that will ultimately get you the most success.

What is cornerstone content?

Identify the most popular and valuable content that should be considered for the initial phase of your knowledge management deployment. This content should address your biggest pain points and will serve as a starting point for for content insights related to your KPIs and business outcomes.

In the world of post-sale support, an organization’s cornerstone content is comprised of the foundational knowledge base articles, FAQs, and other help content that your audience actually uses to be successful. It is typically the content that closes or deflects the most cases, saves the most money, drives the most revenue, or prevents the most field service visits.

Typically, a core group of 10-20% of support content is driving 80-90% of results. Consider these key questions when identifying cornerstone content:

  • Do you have reporting and analytics on your most commonly used content?
  • Does this content help you achieve the identified KPIs and business outcomes?
  • Is the content ready for audience consumption?

Eliminate obstacles such as content behind logins, unstructured content, static PDFs, or partial solutions. Publish your cornerstone content so that it is available in the channels where your customers begin looking for information.

Action Item: Determine which subset of content comprises the most impactful interactions. Prioritize your cornerstone content to create internal alignment around business objectives and remove obstacles for your customers.

Identify cornerstone content

Determine which content drives the most value for your customers and your business. What is your most important content and why?

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