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This webinar covers Dashboard reports, content auditing, Paths, Link Manager, and Analytic API.

Summary: Knowledge is power especially in today's digital economy. Join us as we explore how Sylogist streamlines enterprise knowledge with Expert. See how Expert's powerful features such as paths, link manager, and analytic reports empower employees and elevates their CX. 


- Paths organize pages in a custom order with sequential navigation to guide users through content. They are good for training, onboarding, compliance, education, etc.

- Link Manager lists all links in content and highlights broken ones. It helps improve content quality, user experience, and content management. 

- Content Aging report shows info like when pages were last edited and their views. It helps identify outdated or unused content for updating or removal.

- Search Insights analyzes search trends and queries on the site. It helps understand user needs and pain points to improve content and UX.

- A new Analytics API was announced to get reporting data in CSV format. It allows using the data in Excel or other BI tools for custom analysis. 

- Participants discussed using Pendo to connect product usage data to help searches, finding pages with embedded videos, and crowdsourcing ideas.

- Overall the discussion focused on using Expert features like Paths, Link Manager, and reports to optimize content quality, user experience, and uncover insights. The new Analytics API will enable more custom analysis.


Downloadable Reports - Expert Success Center (

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Analytics API (Beta) - Expert Success Center (


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