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Dashboard Search Recommendations

Recommend articles for specific search queries, to quickly lead users to the articles they are looking for.

Recommended searches will show up to two at a time for any specified search query. If more than two search recommendations are set for the same query, the two recommended results are chosen at random.

View search recommendations

  1. Navigate to Site tools > Dashboard > Site Administration > Search Recommendations.
  2. There is a form to add new recommendations, and a table of existing recommendations below the form.
  3. Sort the table alphabetically by Search Terms or Result Title.

Create a search recommendation 

  1. Navigate to Site tools > Dashboard > Site Administration > Search Recommendations.
  2. In the Search Terms text field, enter a word or phrase to trigger the recommended result.
  3. Enter the Page Location.
    • This can be done two ways: by entering a URL in the text field, or by clicking the "Page location" above the URL text field to open the Link Picker and search or browse for the page you want.
  4. In the Result Title field, enter a title for the search result if you want it to be different than the page title.
  5. Click Save.

When a visitor on your site searches for that search term, the specified page will appear at the top of the search results with (Recommended) next to it.

Search Recommendations - Search results with recommended page.png

Recommended search results will still appear even if the search query is filtered in a way that would have excluded the result.

Edit a search recommendation

  1. Navigate to Site tools > Dashboard > Site Administration > Search Recommendations.
  2. Find the search recommendation to update.
  3. Click Edit (pencil) icon in the column you want to update.
  4. Edit the Search Terms, Page Location, or Result Title as needed.
    • For Page Location, a link picker will appear.
  5. Click Update.

Search Recommendations - Edit a search recommendation.png

Search Recommendations do not have a Revision History. Changes are final and cannot be reverted.

Delete a search recommendation

Delete one or more search recommendations.

  1. Navigate to Site tools > Dashboard > Site Administration > Search Recommendations.
  2. Find the search recommendation to delete.
    • For one entry, click the X to the right of the Result Title column.
      Search Recommendations - Delete a single entry.png
    • For multiple entries, select the check boxes next to each term.
      Search Recommendations - Bulk delete entries.png
  3. Delete the recommendation.
    • For a single entry, click Delete recommendation.
    • For bulk deletion, click Delete then Yes, I am sure in the confirmation dialog.

In the Search Recommendations table, the value in the Page Location column disappears when a referenced page is deleted, and reappears when the page is restored.

If a recommended page is deleted, the Search functionality will not display that recommendation even if the correct terms are searched. If a deleted page is restored, the search recommendation will automatically display again when the search terms are queried.

Manage search recommendations via API

Search Recommendation API endpoints can be leveraged to automate the creation, modification, and removal of search results positioned as top results when exact search terms are matched.

  • GET:site/query/recommendations
  • GET:site/query/recommendations/{id}
  • POST:site/query/recommendations
  • PUT:site/query/recommendations/{id}
  • DELETE:site/query/recommendations/{id}


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