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Automatically Expand Path on a page

Applies to:
MindTouch (current)
Role required:
Draft Contributor
Customize a Path to automatically expand and show pages within the Path.

 A Path embedded on a page with the selection to Show Pages will be collapsed by default.

Add CSS to auto-expand the Path

  1. On the page with the embedded Path, add a CSS code block while in Edit Mode.
  2. In the CSS field, paste code to expand the Path:
    .mt-guide-content .mt-toggle-collapse:before,
    .mt-learningpath-widget .mt-toggle-collapse:before {
       content: '';
    .mt-guide-content .mt-lp-path-container .mt-lp-pages-container .mt-summary-toggle,
    .mt-learningpath-widget .mt-lp-path-container .mt-lp-pages-container .mt-summary-toggle {
       display: none;
    .mt-guide-content .mt-collapsible-section,
    .mt-learningpath-widget .mt-collapsible-section {
       display: block !important;
       max-height: 2000px !important;
    .mt-guide-content .mt-lp-path-container .mt-listing-detailed,
    .mt-learningpath-widget .mt-lp-path-container .mt-listing-detailed {
       padding: 0;
  3. Save the page.

 Any Path you add on that page with the option to Show Pages selected will be expanded by default.

Auto expanded Path .png


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