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Copy and overwrite a page

Applies to:
MindTouch (current)
Role required:
With MindTouch you can create a copy of a single page or multiple, edit them, then overwrite the original pages.

You can also create pages with the same title, and then replace an existing page from within the Copy dialog.


  • When initially copying a page, you must select the Overwrite existing pages checkbox In the Copy dialog to overwrite the page.
  • You must have two pages with the same URL. It doesn't necessarily mean you have to have the same title. 

You cannot overwrite a page with itself (ie. choose the new page location to be the same as the original page location). This will give you an error saying that a page conflicts with the copy.

For example: I have a page titled "Knowledge Base" with the URL of and I want to overwrite it with the page titled "Knowledge is Power" with the URL of, the page will overwrite it and change the title.


  • All attachments will be merged.
  • Attachments on the destination not present on the source will not be deleted.
  • Attachments with the same name between source and destination will be updated with a new revision (if the source version is different).


  • All properties  will be merged.
  • Applies to both page and attachment properties.
  • Properties on the destination not present on the source will not be deleted.
  • Properties with the same name between source and destination will be updated.

Custom tags

Custom tags will also be merged, existing custom tags will not be deleted.

Page permissions

If you do not have permissions to edit a page, it will remain unaffected if you try to overwrite it. For example:

  • We have pages with the path /A/B/C, you have permission to edit page B but no permission to edit page C. You navigate to page B with the path /X/B/C. You attempt to Copy and Overwrite page B and it's child page C to the pages with the path /A/B/C. Page B will be overwritten but page C will remain the same because you do not have permission to edit that page.
  • The ability to copy and overwrite boils down to three permissions handled:
    • Read permissions:  In order to copy any pages, a pro member must have the ability to read/view a page.
    • Create and update permissions:  In order to overwrite an existing page, you must be able to update/edit the page. If the page doesn't exist you must have the ability to create at the destination.
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