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Copy a page

Applies to:
MindTouch (current)
Role required:
Create a copy of a page or section.

The copy page functionality is recommended for copying 30 pages or less. Copying more than 30 pages or copying pages that contain file attachments cumulatively larger than 20 MB may result in an incomplete copy or some relative links not to be updated. If you have larger copy operations to perform, we recommend copying pages in smaller chunks as needed. Remember: After a copy operation is completed, links to pages are only updated if those links point to content within the section you copied. Guide links or category links to anchors are not updated when copying pages and will need to be manually updated.

How to copy pages

  1. On the Expert toolbar, select Options > Copy.
  2. Navigate to the location where you want the copy to live.
  3. Rename the page if necessary.
  4. If you are overwriting an already existing page with the same title, click Overwrite existing page(s).
  5. If the page has children and you want to copy the children to the new location too, click Copy all the children of this page as well. 

If you copy to the same parent as the previous version, you will have to change the name of the root node you are trying to copy to avoid conflicts.

How links are handled

When copying a selection of pages, Expert analyzes if any of the original pages contain links to other pages in the section. If they do, Expert will automatically update those links relevant to the new location.

For example:

  • /Section1/
  • /Section1/Page1
  • /Section1/Page2

In this example, /Page1 contains the following HTML link:

<a href="/Section1/Page2">Link to Page 2</a>

If a user copies all of /Section1  as /Section2, then /Page1 at the newly copied location will contain the following updated link:

<a href="/Section2/Page2">Link to Page 2</a>

How permissions are handled

Just like when creating a new page, if you copy a section to a new location, the copied content will inherit the permissions of the parent page you are copying to.

For instance, if you have the following structure:

  • /Parent
    • /Parent/Child_1
    • /Parent/Child_2
  • /Parent_2

If you copy Parent/Child_1  under /Parent_2, the new /Parent_2/Child_1 page inherits the existing permissions of /Parent_2:

  • /Parent
    • /Parent/Child_1 
    • /Parent/Child_2
  • /Parent_2
    • /Parent_2/Child_1 (inherits​ ​​​​ /Parent_2 permissions)

Viewers are shown the option to copy pages.  If they have elevated permissions on the page, they can copy the page into other paths.

If you see a  500 error

If you see a 500 error in your copy process, it is most likely because you tried to copy into a location that is forbidden. Choose another location and try again.


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