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Which subpages show up in a detailed category

Applies to:
MindTouch (current)
Role required:
Detailed categories automatically display up to five (5) sub-pages; the rest can be found by expanding the ellipsis icon.

Category sub-pages

Categories can be layered within one another to create many, easily digestible, subsections for your site. A category page displays category and guide sub-pages within the detailed category box. Even if other types of articles exist underneath the category page, they will be hidden from the detailed view. Only the direct sub-pages are displayed, even if other category and guide pages exist lower down in the hierarchy. 


Guide sub-pages

Guide pages are a great location for lower-level articles, namely topic, how-to, and reference articles. A guide sub-page in a detailed category displays these lower-level articles if they are direct children of the guide. The guide also displays any non-classified articles. 


If you do not want your categories to display any sub-pages, choose the simple category view.


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