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Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics is a third-party data tool companies can implement to gain actionable insights about their site’s content and customer journey.

Integrate Google Analytics 4 

In 2022, Google released the latest version of their analytics suite, Google Analytics 4. You can integrate the new GA4 to your Expert site for additional analytics and reporting.

Google will be deprecating the previous version, Universal Analytics (GA3), in July 2023. New traffic and engagement events will stop processing in GA3 on July 1, 2023.

Integrate GA4

Once a data stream has been created for your Expert site by your organization's team or resource, you can add the Google Tag that is generated to your site’s Custom HTML in the Control Panel.


Screenshot of the Expert Control Panel showing a Google Tag pasted into the Custom HTML text field.

Visit Google's Analytics Help page for more information on how to implement and use GA4.


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