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Salesforce Service Cloud Integration

Empower your agents to solve cases faster with access to MindTouch knowledge and customer insights within Salesforce Service Cloud.

Use Cases

  • Agents viewing knowledge base content - to help solve cases faster and share relevant knowledge with customers
  • Agents creating or editing knowledge base content - to instantly publish or update knowledge articles that will help agents who encounter the same issue in the future
  • Knowledge Workers following KCS methodology - to capture content in the workflow and follow KCS best practices
  • Support and service leaders optimizing - with reports about what content resolves customer issues to prioritize improvement efforts and workflow optimization

For more information, visit the MindTouch for Salesforce integration page.

To implement MindTouch for Salesforce Service Cloud integration, contact your Customer Success Manager.

The latest version of MindTouch
Salesforce Lightning or Salesforce Classic
Guided Content Framework enabled (if using KCS in Service Cloud feature)

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