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User resources represent users in Expert including community members, authors, and administrators.
<user anonymous="{anonymous}" id="{id}" href="https://{hostname}/@api/deki/users/{id}" guid="{guid}">
    <password exists="{password/@exists}"/>
    < owner="{}">{}</>
Name Type Description
{id} int Local user id
{guid} string Global user id
{hostname} string The Expert site hostname
{anonymous} bool Is the user an anonymous user (not signed in)?
{username} string User's sign-in name
{fullname} string User's display name
{email} string User's email address
{password/@exists} bool Does the user have a password set?
{} bool Is the user a site owner?
{} bool Is the user a pro member?
{date.created} datetime ISO 8601 representation of the user account's creation timestamp
{date.lastlogin} datetime ISO 8601 representation of the last time the user signed in
{status} bool Is the user active and able to sign in?
{} string An MD5 representation of the user's email address
{uri.avatar} uri A URL to a Gravatar, mapped to the user's email address



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