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Overages Report

The Instant Translation Utilization Report serves to inform the actual count of translated pages per month on a site. The report provides data from January 2023 onward.

The report contains:

  • A total count of translated pages
  • The number of languages used for translations
  • The 10 most expensive pages that have been translated

Report data is updated every Monday at 12 AM (PST). Translations performed between Monday and Sunday will be updated the following week.

Access the report

Navigate to the report from Site Tools > Dashboard > Site Reports > Instant Translation Overages.

Use the report

Total translated page count

This metric provides an accurate count of how many "pages" were translated during a specified month. This differs from the Language Report's "Total Translations" metric. The differences are as follows:

  • Translated Page Count: A count of how many translation requests were made during the specified month. One page = 5,000 characters. This includes all characters that are rendered on the page. When pages are >5,000 characters, there is more than one translation request being made. This is a useful metric to monitor your Instant Translation usage on a monthly basis. 
  • Total Translations: A count of how many times a translation was initiated via the Instant Translation drop down menu during the specified time period. 

Number of languages used for translations

This metric provides a count of how many unique languages were used in any translations during the specified month

Most expensive translated pages

This metric provides the top 10 "most expensive" pages to translate. This is a useful metric to identify pages that are costly to translate. These articles are good candidates to be refactored into more than one article if possible.


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