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Managing Guide Tabs

Applies to:
MindTouch (current)
Role required:

Once your content is created, it is important to ensure you are displaying your product help in a user-friendly way. Guide tabs provide a flexible way to display content within the current guide in various ways.

Reordering tabs

Once you've added in your tabs, you can reorder these by dragging a tab using the move icon Move Icon.png :

Moving the tabs by using the move icon

Changing tab names

The default names of tabs are for Pro Members to understand the tab's technical purpose. Before taking your Guide live, consider renaming the tabs. To do so, click on the "pencil" icon Edit Icon.png:

Click the pencil icon to edit the tab title

Then type to rename, and click the "checkmark" icon checkmark icon.pngto save:

Edit tab title

Have any tab name suggestions? 

This is your product documentation so get creative, but here are some examples to run with:

  • Topic Hierarchy: "Guide Contents"
  • Classification: "[Name of Classification] Articles"
  • Tag Directory: "Directory of Topics"


For a guide focused on getting started with your product, use the following tabs:

  • Topic Hierarchy
  • Classification (focused on specific article types)
  • Tag Directory

For a guide focused on troubleshooting and FAQ content (typically referred to as a knowledge base), use the following tabs:

  • Tag Directory
  • Featured Articles
  • Article Directory
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