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Content Management

Content Management
The CXone Expert platform enables you to publish with WYSIWYG authoring, organize, maintain, and optimize your content.


By the end of this section, you will be able to:

  • Understand content reuse and configure content paths
  • Create and use new page / content templates
  • Pin important pages in Expert or in a CRM
  • Manage files and permissions in Media Manager, and search the media library 

Content Reuse, CXone Expert Paths, and Templates


Pinned Pages


Media Manager



  • Article ratings and feedback
    Article ratings and feedback enable users to indicate if an article was helpful or not and provide optional comments.
  • Content Templates (Snippets)
    Use content templates to insert frequently used text or elements via the Editor.
  • Customize New Page Templates
    Customize the templates that appear in the Add New Page dialog.
  • Display titles of reused sections
    When you reuse only a section of a page, there is an option to also include the title of the reused section.
  • How to reuse content
    Reuse content (an entire article or just sections of an article) in another location of your site.
  • Learning Path Experience
    Paths organize a group of pages into a custom order with sequential navigation elements.
  • Media Manager
    Overview of Media Manager, how it works, and the benefits of using it to manage your media assets site-wide.
  • Media Manager FAQ
    Find answers to common questions about Media Manager.
  • New Page Templates
    Expert comes with standard New Page Templates, which are formatted out-of-the-box and include:
  • Pinned Pages
    Pinned pages allow Seated contributors and agents to curate a personalized list of high-value, high-usage content pages.


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