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Content Maintenance

Content Maintenance


By the end of this section, you will be able to:

  • Copy, move, and delete pages or sections to organize content
  • Add comments about changes you made to a page
  • Use Find & Replace to make bulk edits (Admins only)
  • Restore deleted pages, compare page revisions, and revert page changes 
  • Copy a page
    Create a copy of a page or section.
  • Delete a page
    Delete a page or section
  • Edit Summary
    Include comments when editing pages to record extra details about changes.
  • Find & Replace
    Find & Replace lets Admin users bulk edit all occurrences of a word or phrase across their site.
  • Move a page
    Move a page or group of pages as needed to re-organize content.
  • Restore deleted pages
    Whenever a page is deleted in CXone Expert, the page is automatically retained in the control panel, allowing administrators to preview and restore deleted pages.
  • Revision History
    Manage page revisions, with options to revert or compare versions.




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