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Red horizontal line in CXone Expert editor

The red line (called Magic Line by CKEditor) appears before or after certain elements in Edit Mode to makes it easier to place your cursor and add more content to the page.

The Expert editor contains a red line feature that allows users to add paragraph breaks above or below formatted sections on a page.

Trigger the red line tool 

The red line tool appears above and below formatting blocks (other than comment and custom blocks). Trigger the red line by hovering above or below a formatting block. The red line tool allows users to add space before and after formatting blocks, tables and table cells.

Red Line functionality

  • Appears right before or after certain page elements such as code blocks, images, tables, <div> elements, DekiScript, JavaScript, CSS, etc.
  • Hover over page element to trigger red line (if applicable) and click arrow icon on right side of line
  • Adds blank line (empty <p> tag) in place of red line
  • Red line only appears right before or after an element where there is not an adjacent <p> tag



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