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Add or remove a hyperlink

You can create hyperlinks with various settings, edit a hyperlink or link settings, or remove a hyperlink from text on a page.

Create hyperlinked text

  1. Highlight the text you want to hyperlink and click the Link icon link icon.png or click Elements > Link in the editor.

    Alternatively, right-click the highlighted text and choose Create Link from the context menu, or highlight the text and use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+k or Cmd+k.
  2. In the Link window, insert a destination URL in the Link to field.

    The Link to field autopopulates with the current page URL to make it easy to link to an anchor on the page. The Link window defaults to the Search tab, which automatically searches the site based on the words you highlighted. If needed, click Show more results or modify the search terms to find the right page. Click the search result you want to appear in the Link to field.
    To browse for a destination page, click the Browse tab, expand the hierarchy as needed, and click the page or attachment that you want to appear in the Link to field.
  3. In the Jump to anchor or section drop-down, leave the default No anchor or section selected to link to the top of a page, or choose an option from the drop-down to link to a particular part of a page.

    The options automatically include any header sections of a page and any anchor links you added to the page. You may have to save your link before you are able to choose a header or section in the linked article. 

  4. Under Link options, choose your preference. 
    • Default will open the link in the same window.
    • Open in a new window will open the link in a new window or new tab in the same browser.
    • Open in contextual help overlay will open the link in a simplified smaller window in the center of the page. External links, attachments, or PDFs cannot be displayed as a contextual help window.
  5. Click Save link.

Change the destination URL, anchor selection, or options for a link:

  1. Click anywhere within a hyperlink in edit mode.
  2. Select Edit link from the popup window.

Remove a hyperlink from text:

  1. Click anywhere within a hyperlink in edit mode.
  2. Select Unlink from the popup window.

Remove link functionality from autogenerated hyperlinks on email addresses or typed out URLs:

  1. Highlight the hyperlinked text.
  2. Select Unlink from the popup window.
  3. Select Format > Regular text (no wiki formatting) from the editor toolbar.
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