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Add or remove a hyperlink

You can create hyperlinks with various settings, edit a hyperlink or link settings, or remove a hyperlink from text on a page.

Create hyperlinked text

  1. Highlight the text you want to hyperlink and click the Link icon link icon.png or click Elements > Link in the editor.
    Alternatively, right-click the highlighted text and choose Create Link from the context menu, or highlight the text and use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+k or Cmd+k.
  2. In the Link window, insert a destination URL in the Link to field.
    The Link to field autopopulates with the current page URL to make it easy to link to an anchor on the page.
    • The Link window defaults to the Search tab, which automatically searches the site based on the words you highlighted.
    • If needed, click Show more results or modify the search terms to find the right page.
    • Click the search result you want to appear in the Link to field.
    • To browse for a destination page, click the Browse tab.
    • Expand the hierarchy as needed.
    • Click the page or attachment that you want to appear in the Link to field.
  3. In the Jump to anchor or section drop-down:
    • Leave the default No anchor or section selected to link to the top of a page.
    • Choose an option from the drop-down to link to a particular part of a page.
      The options automatically include any header sections of a page and any anchor links you added to the page. You may have to save your link before you are able to choose a header or section in the linked article. 
  4. Under Link options, choose your preference:
    • Default will open the link in the same window.
    • Open in a new window will open the link in a new window or new tab in the same browser.
    • Open in contextual help overlay will open the link in a simplified smaller window in the center of the page.
      External links, attachments, or PDFs cannot be displayed as a contextual help window.
  5. Click Save link.

Change the destination URL, anchor selection, or options for a link:

  1. Click anywhere within a hyperlink in edit mode.
  2. Select Edit link from the popup window.

Remove a hyperlink from text:

  1. Click anywhere within a hyperlink in edit mode.
  2. Select Unlink from the popup window.

Remove link functionality from auto-generated hyperlinks on email addresses or typed out URLs:

  1. Highlight the hyperlinked text.
  2. Select Unlink from the popup window.
  3. Select Format > Regular text (no wiki formatting) from the editor toolbar.


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