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KCS capabilities powered by MindTouch

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All MindTouch Versions
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Knowledge-Centered Service (KCS) v6 methodology outlines 8 Practices with specific techniques.

There is no single best way to implement the methodology, as long as the KCS principles and core concepts are adopted.

The Solve Loop

  • Practice 1: Capture - Capture knowledge in the moment, capture the requester's context, searching is creating.
  • Practice 2: Structure - Use a simple template, use complete thoughts instead of complete sentences.
  • Practice 3: Reuse - Search early search often, seek to understand what we collectively know, linking.
  • Practice 4: Improve - Reuse is review, Flag it or fix it, license to modify.

The Evolve Loop

  • Practice 5: Content Health - KCS article structure and content standards, evolve loop articles, content lifecycle, self-service measures.
  • Practice 6: Process Integration - Problem solving, technology, feedback, KCS process integration indicators.
  • Practice 7: Performance Assessment - KCS roles and licensing models, coaching for success, assessing the creation of value.
  • Practice 8: Leadership and Communication - Vision, strategic framework, KCS benefits and ROI, teamwork and motivation, accountability, indicators.

Implement KCS with MindTouch

To learn more about how MindTouch enables KCS, contact our MindTouch product experts.

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How MindTouch capabilities enable KCS Practices
KCS v6 methodology outlines 8 Practices with specific techniques. See how MindTouch functionality can support KCS methodology.
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