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Accelerate Sales and Improve Conversions

Improve sales and conversions when your potential buyers are ready to purchase.

Your existing cornerstone content can speed up and expand your revenue opportunities.

Drive revenue

The content produced by your product and support teams for your current customers is the same content that will attract, educate, and validate solutions for prospective customers to drive better sales outcomes. Your sales leadership likely strives to: 

  1. Close business
  2. Accelerate deal speed
  3. Improve conversion rates

The sales team’s ability to execute on leadership’s objectives hinges on the ability to drive value within the opportunities the team is working to close. If finding information that is valuable to the specific industry, role of a decision maker, or use case that helps move a sale forward is difficult or inefficient, the right information becomes counterproductive to meeting and exceeding sales quotas.

Make it easier for your sales organization to find and leverage key content that moves opportunities to close more deals faster.

Action Item: Practice an outside-in approach to optimize content based on user priorities rather than SEO tactics.

Educate buyers

Direct buyers to engage with your sales teams by giving them all of the information they need to understand how your product or service can help them. Based on customer event data around customer interactions with your content, create guided paths through that content to improve the experience for future customers and surface the right information at the right time.

In addition, users in the organization can manually arrange pieces of content based on knowledge of what a customer would need in a specific situation, also creating an intuitive, guided path through content that will deliver the most value to the customer on their journey.  These interactions will lead to more contacts or requests for info.

Action Item: Provide valuable content paths on your organization's corporate web property.

Improve chat outcomes

Extending microcontent that provides definitive answers to questions asked in the chat interface allows your organization to provide real-time responses to prospects when they need help evaluating your product or service. Understand what content is used prior to initiating chat as well as in responses during the chat session to generate valuable insights into what content creates desired outcomes.

Action Item: Ensure your content is set up for efficient use with live chat to help answer prospect questions.

Reinforce sales conversations

In the conversations your call center teams have with prospects, product- or service-centric questions invariably come up. The ability to inject correct and most valuable information from your product content into the conversation is critical to driving a sales opportunity. Provide best practices and how-to guides to give the buyer confidence that the product or service will address their needs and fulfill their requirement.

Action Item: Provide a better call center script with access to all of the answers a prospect might ask.

Accelerate sales cycles

After marketing has handed off the new lead, providing sales with the data on what product content the buyer has already consumed will help fuel more insightful conversations around the products and services where the buyer has interest. The sales agent can continue to provide product content that educates the buyer while they become an opportunity. Optimize marketing campaigns based on updated metadata associated with the content in Expert. 

Action Item: Start value-based conversations based on the buyer's interests quickly.

Regulate pricing

Extending microcontent into configure/price/quote tool interfaces arms sales teams with the right information, which is especially useful when the organization has complex products or services. This content will ensure the quote is accurate and any special details or requirements the buyer needs to know are conveyed up front, minimizing delays in the closing of the sale. Through detailed analytics, understand which reps are using what content and how effective that specific rep is to inform sales leadership on how to guide others in becoming more effective.

Action Item: Use your content in the configure price quote (CPQ) process to ensure critical information about your products or services is available to your sales teams.

Support sales enablement

Suggesting authoritative content that should be used to help validate use cases and requirements in a specific account/contact/opportunity will help the sales team compress the sales cycle by providing the right content at the appropriate stage of the sales cycle.

Action Item: Extend authoritative product content into the customer relationship management (CRM) tool or other sales enablement interfaces.

Improve shopping cart conversions

Keep prospective buyers engaged in the shopping cart transaction by proactively answering questions that need to be validated to make a purchase. Identify what other buyers have used while making purchases to suggest content to drive conversions.

Action Item: Confirm functionality validation within the eCommerce experience.

Improve sales velocity

Once the opportunity has closed, data on the content that was consumed at every step of the research and buy phases can be analyzed to better understand how to accelerate and convert better in the future.

Action Item: Understand the content that helps to open, progress and close opportunities.

Create calls to action

Your Expert site can act as an extension of your corporate brand throughout the customer journey to drive prospective customers or customers to revenue activities. This lowers risk of losing upsells and prospective sales to competitors or other distractions if you keep the experience within a seamless journey. Set up the call to action buttons with event tracking analytics to measure the lead source.

Action Item: Add strategic calls to action for conversions and upsells on your site.

Measure KPIs for the buy stage

  • Mean time to close
  • Average sales price (ASP)
  • Total revenue
  • Revenue growth metrics
  • Shopping cart abandonment
  • Monthly recurring revenue (MRR) (for SaaS)
  • Customer upsells
  • Contact/demo/quote form fills

Action Item: Measure success to ensure you are achieving business outcomes.

Attract and nurture your ideal customer

How can you attract your ideal customer and deliver high impact experiences to grow and nurture them if you don’t know who they are?

Identify, Attract, and Nurture Your Ideal Customer


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