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NICE CXone Expert
Expert Success Center

Winner 2022

Global Presence Award 


Waters Technology Corporation is the world's leading specialty measurement company focused on improving human health and well-being through the application of high-value analytical technologies and industry leading scientific expertise. The company manufactures laboratory instruments and instrumentation systems for the research and testing of water.


Marc Noble -

Libby Healy -

Community Leader Award 


The Liaison International Education & Knowledge team has been active in the community since its inception. We have:

  • Strived to ensure at least one member of our team is present for meetups.
  • Actively participated in discussions.
  • Hosted a meetup and demonstrated how we deliver personalized experiences.  
  • Implemented best practices that were learned during sessions.
  • Met separately with other users outside of meetups to expand on our own knowledge and best practices.
  • Provide Expert with a continuous flow of feedback that we think would improve the product’s functionality for all users.

We’re big fans of the product and have also worked with Expert to share our knowledge with other knowledge management professionals who are not yet using the product. We’ve provided our support for the product and our own best practices in press releases statements, case studies, and e-books.


Katie Wedgewood -

Stephen Naso -

Ardan Sharp -

Metamorphosis Award 


The Splunk Lantern mission is to drive adoption and customer retention by providing self-help content. Our content aims to replicate the type of help a customer would get from a customer success manager, professional services, or other paid options that not all customers can afford. We provide this content by crowdsourcing expertise from customer-facing Splunkers and partners, then writing up that knowledge in articles. Last year, we used the CXOne Expert Review Manager, Custom Classifications, Author Attribution, and Draft Contributor features to assist us in crowdsourcing from over one hundred different contributors. We also strategically use Paths and tabbed Guide pages to create more prescriptive content experiences that guide less experienced Splunk users through specific stages of their customer journeys in security, observability, or specific industries. Finally, Content IDs enable us to collaborate across the business on customer success campaigns that share Lantern content, while preventing broken links as we continuously improve and expand our site. A survey of 92 Splunk Lantern users conducted at the end of our last fiscal year indicates a 90.2% customer satisfaction rate with the content found on Splunk Lantern and our returning users increased 687% from the previous fiscal year.


Jennifer Swallow -

Kaye Chapman -

Innovation Award 


KCS Award


NetApp Knowledge Base (KB) continues to be the primary repository of support content for all NetApp Products and Services. Since its redesign in May of 2020, we have continued to enhance the employee experience and the customer experience of the site by optimizing and customizing CXone Expert features to suit our specific requirements. We are elated that this focus in delivering world-class user experience on our Digital Support sites including the Knowledge Base site has helped us earn several industry recognitions including:

  • CXone Expert KCS Award 2022
  • CXone Expert Most Admired Award 2022
  • Knowledge Management and Intellectual Capital Excellence Award 2022
  • Association of Support Professionals (ASP) support site wins 5 years in a row: 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022.
  • Notable: 2020 ASP Overall Best Support Site Award
  • Stevie® Awards for multiple Customer Service categories and levels in 2019, 2020 and 2021
  • Award details can be found at

As part of our efforts to provide best-in-class user experience for our customers and employees, we added several new features to the NetApp KB site using CXone Expert APIs, DekiScript and customized scripts developed by the NetApp KCS teams.



Ryan Mathews 

Padma Prasad 

Rajesh Panda

Expert Award 

Procore Support Center websites serve as a single source of truth for all web and mobile application users. Whether they’re viewing our KB sites from their desktop or a mobile device, we’ve created a seamless and optimized user experience that’s responsive, mobile-friendly, and locale-specific. Our en-US Support Center ( features over 6,500 pages of help content. New and existing users frequently visit our Support Center sites to find quick answers to their product-related questions. Each product’s landing page features user-friendly tabbed navigation with one-click access to a full library of tutorials, FAQs, training videos, interactive workflow diagrams, permission matrices, release notes, and more. Google continues to feature content from our sites as top search results. In July 2021, Google featured pages from our Support Center in the top 10 search results for over 1.7k keywords and over 50 Featured Google Snippets. Try Googling “upload drawings” to see what Google ranks as the top organic search results. We have also implemented SSO-like behavior using Mindtouch’s API User Authentication protocols to seamlessly log users into the Support Center, which makes it easier for us to track their usage so we can optimize their page viewing and search experiences, as well as streamline their web-to-case Support Ticket interactions. We have also implemented a contextual help system that enables Procore end-users to have one-click access to support (KB) articles in a pop-up modal that’s an embedded experience within the Procore web application ( To help streamline the content management challenges for our technical writers, we’ve also created several content management utilities using Mindtouch’s API to help us manage attachments, hyperlinks, and tabbed navigation. Our site’s rich Media Library gives editors easy access to reuse content across our site, including icons, banners, table styles, and videos.


Susan Nelson -

Tie Wu -


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