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Control page indexing with robots meta tag

Applies to:
All MindTouch Versions
Role required:
The robots meta tag indicates which pages you want search engines to crawl for indexing and/or scan for links to follow.

What is meta.robots?

meta.robots or the robots meta tag tells the search engine not to show a specific page in the search results. By default, most search engines index pages they find.

  • Robots can ignore the <meta> tag, especially malware robots that scan the site used by spammers.
  • The "nofollow" attribute only applies to links on the desired page.
  • Do not confuse "nofollow" with rel="nofollow" link attribute.
    • rel="nofollow" is an attribute that can be set on a HTML <a> link tag.
      Example: <a href="happy.jpg" rel="nofollow">Happy</a>
    • These links do not get credited when Google ranks sites in search results.

Add meta tag to header template

  1. Navigate to Site tools > Dashboard Branding > Header template
  2. In Edit mode, add the appropriate meta tag in a DekiScript field.

Add meta tag to individual page

  1. Open a page in Edit mode
  2. Add the appropriate meta tag in a DekiScript field.

Meta tag examples

To index pages and follow any links on that page:


To hide pages from search engines:


To tell search engines not to follow links:



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