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Move a page (MT4)

Applies to:
MindTouch 4 (legacy)
Role required:
Move pages in MindTouch 4 (MT4) - a legacy version of MindTouch.

MindTouch allows you to move your content automatically redirects the page URL and all your links.

If you choose to move a page, be aware that MindTouch will also move all subpages belonging to that page.

Select a new location

  1. Select Move page from the Page Options drop-down menu on the MindTouch toolbar.
    Image of Move page option
  2. Select the new location by either:
    1. entering the path into the Page path field.
    2. navigating to the location in the Navigate window.
  3. Rename the page if desired in the Title field.
  4. Once you have selected the new location for the page, click Move page.

How permissions are handled

When a page or section is moved to a new location, the moved content retains the permissions of the original parent page. For instance, if you have the following structure:

  • /Parent_1
    • /Parent_1/Page_1
    • /Parent_1/Page_2
  • /Parent_2

and you move "/Parent_1/Page_1"  under "/Parent_2", the new "/Parent_2/Page_1" page retains the original permissions of "/Parent_1":

  • /Parent_1
    • /Parent_1/Page_2
  • /Parent_2
    • /Parent_2/Page_1 (page retains the permissions of "/Parent_1")
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