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Reused page not loading

While the ability to reuse content is a welcome content management function, inadvertent infinite loops will not display. Review the various scenarios that could prevent your page from loading.

Infinite loops

MindTouch does not support the use of the function that executes an infinite loop. In this scenario, the following would hold true:

  • Page A is included in Page B
  • Page B is included in Page A

This leads to what is called an infinite loop and MindTouch will try to cyclically load the pages until it times out. This means that both Page A and Page B will load significantly slower than expected and may not load at all.

Nested infinite loops

In some scenarios, you may have a nested page that occurs over more than 2 page. In this scenario, the following would hold true:

  • Page A is included in Page B
  • Page B is included in Page C
  • Page C is included in Page A

All the pages would perform very slowly and may possibly not load. This scenario is not supported and you would have to eliminate the infinite loop by removing one of the calls.

Self-contained infinite loops

In this last scenario, you may have an individual page that loops to itself. In this scenario, you may have used a call on Page A to include a section from Page A.  Page A would perform very slowly and may not load at all. To resolve this issue, you would have to remove the from Page A.

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