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Edit Draft privacy

Create a page that has a different privacy setting than its parent page. This is useful to add pages with private content to a less restricted Category or Guide page.

This allows you to keep your site's information grouped by topic instead of by role or permission, and eliminates the need for a separate section dedicated to private documentation.

Because new pages inherit parent page permissions, the draft page may inherit a privacy level that does not fit the content it contains. In this case, you must set the draft privacy before publishing. This cannot be done within the draft.

Edit draft privacy before publishing

To change a draft page's privacy:

  1. Create a draft page.
  2. Click the View placeholder link in the status bar. This will take you to the Live Placeholder.
    View placeholder.png
  3. In the Live Placeholder page, go to Options > Restrict access.
  4. Set the page privacy and the page-level permissions you want.
  5. Once you are done authoring, publish the draft.
  6. The draft will have the privacy level you set in the placeholder, not the privacy of its parent page.

Imperfect solutions

Alternate solutions you might have considered or currently use are not ideal:

  • Publishing the draft and editing its permissions leaves your content exposed, even for a short time.
  • Publishing the draft under a private Guide page and then moving it to a less private page adds steps to your workflow, and might cause conflicts with your existing content hierarchy.
  • Adding draft content to a conditional content block, then publishing the draft, restricting access to the page, and removing the conditional content box adds even more steps to your workflow than other options.


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