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MAX / CXone Agent Integration  Setup

The purpose of this guide is to facilitate a successful integration of the MAX / CXOne Agent interface with your CXOne Expert knowledge base. It serves as a detailed manual on how to configure the Integration with the CXOne Agent environment. This document will guide you through each step, ensuring that the CXOne platform is integrated with the Expert knowledge base.  


  • Admin access to the CXone Expert site  

  • CXone environment with an Admin resource

Create Touchpoint in Expert  

  1. Navigate to Site tools > Dashboard > Integrations > Touchpoint Management   

  2. In the CRM Integrations tab select +Create a CRM Integration

  3. Select CXone Expert for CRM  

  4. In the Name field, provide a name for the integration such as MAX Integration or Agent Integration

  5. In the Host field, enter: 


  6. In the Height field, enter the customer's desired height.  
    Example: 600px  

  7. Click Add this Touchpoint.  

  8. Take note of the src URL in the Touchpoint Embed Code as this will be needed when configuring within the CXone Settings  
    A close-up of a computer screen

Description automatically generateda.     Copy this and replace .js with .html  

Create Custom Workspace in CXone Platform  

Sign into your CXone Platform  

A screenshot of a login page

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Once logged in, click into the Application Selector:  

A screenshot of a computer

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Click on ACD in the Application Selector: