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Generative Search customer content onboarding

One of the most important aspects of implementing GenSearch is your site content. Evaluate and increase content readiness to prepare your site for Expert's AI and LLM integrations, including NICE Enlighten Copilot and NICE Enlighten Autopilot.

Expert has recommendations on how to optimize your site content for GenSearch, including content best practices and a process to fill in content gaps and ensure answers exist for your customers' questions.

Evaluate and increase content readiness

  • Start with 50 to 100 questions that you know consumers have asked of your brand in the past. Existing Expert customers can look at past searches for inspiration. You can also look in your case management system for prior details.
  • Begin by inputting the questions and capturing the answers you obtain for all questions.
    • This is best done in an Excel sheet, which you could set up like the following example:
      Question GenSearch answer Acceptable?
      User question pulled from support ticket or report The response generated when you asked the question to the model Would this be the answer you want your customers to receive?
  • Review your content when you obtained answers you do not desire. Keep in mind that broad topics that may be defined in different contexts may need specific call outs. This can include your product name.
    • Example: For the question "What does Product A do?" you will need to ensure this answer appears in your Expert content.
  • Remove ambiguous references and definitions.
    • Be mindful of asking general questions like "What is Company XYZ's position on diversity?" because diversity is a broad term that is applied many different ways in the base model's training. If the exact answer you want is not apparent, the model will unlikely give you the answer you desire. The model may rely on its training data in an attempt to provide an answer rather than no answer. This can cause it to hallucinate and give you an answer about diversity that sounds reasonable but is not accurate.
Baseline for content readiness

It is important to establish a baseline to measure content readiness over time, identify improvement, and identify persistent content gaps that will benefit from changes to your documentation.

To create a baseline:

  1. Gather your list of questions.
  2. Have a subject matter expert (SME) evaluate the responses on a scale from 1-5, where 5 is a great response and 1 is an unsatisfacory response.
  3. Ask GenSearch the same questions in 6 months, and rate the responses to see how the answers to your queries have changed.


A user asks about Touchpoints.

Excellent answer (Rating - 5): A touchpoint is an easy-to-use embeddable tool that allows the extension of Expert content into third-party locations to efficiently achieve desired customer success outcomes.

Unsatisfactory answer (Rating = 2): A touchpoint is a point of contact or interaction between a business or brand and a customer.


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