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Help Request Analytics API

The Help Request analytics API endpoint gives you the data that you would find in the Help Request Usage report download. This information shows how often your site content is used:

  • Administrators can see if they are staying within their allotted license usage and gauge how Expert is being used. 
  • Company executives gain insight into the value their company creates with daily reporting on usage.
  • Success managers can obtain metrics for measuring help delivered to your users (HelpRequests).

Each row in the report represents an event.

API endpoint: /@api/deki/license/usage/logs/file?month=YYYY-MM

This will give you a result with the following data:

Field Name Description Type Example
EVENT_ID The unique identifier for the event STRING 03472928-00d8-11ee-a869-719f334a7d1d

The date and time the event occurred

UTC timezone


1/1/2024 0:18


The kind of event that occurred STRING


EVENT_USER_IS_ANONYMOUS True if the user is anonymous. False if the user is logged in / authenticated




EVENT_SESSION_ID Indicates which events belong to which sessions STRING site_11706:efac2fe8-c43f-4e17-b5d7-081908ce7a77:1
EVENT_PAGE_ID Unique page identifier NUMBER 18260
EVENT_PAGE_PATH Path of the page at the time of the event, which can change over time and is not a recommended page identifier STRING  Admin/Branding/Branding_Guidelines/Logos_and_icons


A parameter used to capture the origin of the request. The parameter of yields a value of "CustomIntegration." STRING mt-f1 (from conteextual help)
mt-web (from a browser)
blank (unknown origin)
EVENT_IP The anonymized IP address of the help request STRING
HELPREQUEST_ORIGIN_TYPE The classification of the event_parameter_origin. This buckets the origins to view the collection on a less granular level. STRING

CUSTOM (from a custom origin parameter)
INVALID (origin parameter was deemed invalid)
BLANK (there is no origin parameter, the origin type will be unclassified)


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