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Customer Insights Analytics API

The Customer Insights analytics API endpoint gives you the data that you would find in the  Customer Insights report download. This information . Each row in the report represents an event.

API endpoint:/@api/deki/events/user-activity/logs/file?month=YYYY-MM

This will give you a result with the following data:

Field Name Description Type Example

The date and time the event occurred


Format: MM/DD/YYYY  HH:MM:ss XX

12/1/2023  22:05:48 AM

Time Zone: UTC

TYPE Event type STRING



USER_ID Unique user identifier NUMBER 435
PAGE_PATH Location of current page, in the format xxx/xxx/xxx/... STRING Admin/Release_Notes/2023/11-November
PAGE_ID Unique page identifier NUMBER 18260
FILE The name of the file STRING




SEARCH_QUERY Search term entered into the search engine STRING release notes
SEARCH_PATH Location from which search query was made, in the format xxx/xxx/xxx/... STRING Admin/Release_Notes
SEARCH_CONSTRAINT Lists the array of constraints (tags, classifications, path) specified for a given search query STRING N/A
SEARCH_TOTAL_RESULTS Total results found for given search query NUMBER 11
SEARCH_TOTAL_RECOMMENDED Total recommended results found for given search query NUMBER 4


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