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Body classes

Applies to:
All MindTouch Versions
Role required:
Body classes for: Roles, Page Type, Page Type, Page State, Special Pages, Browser, Platform, and Language.


  • Anonymous: elm-user-anonymous
  • Community Members: elm-user-community
  • Pro Members: elm-user-pro-member

Only add Role classes to All Roles CSS or directly on a page.

Page Type

  • Home Page: columbia-page-home
  • Every page under Home Page: columbia-page-main
  • All Special Pages: columbia-page-special
  • Every page under Template Home Page: columbia-page-template
  • Template Home Page: columbia-page-template-home

Page (Article) Type


  • Category: columbia-article-topic-category
  • Guide: columbia-article-topic-guide
  • Topic: columbia-article-topic
  • How-To: columbia-article-howto
  • Reference: columbia-article-reference

Deprecated for new sites:

  • Feature: columbia-article-topic-feature
  • Methodology: columbia-article-topic-methodology
  • Portfolio: columbia-article-topic-portfolio
  • Technology: columbia-article-topic-technology

Page State

  • Draft Page: columbia-draft
  • Live Page: columbia-live
  • Edit Mode on/as Draft Page:
  • Edit Mode on/as Live Page:

Special Pages

  • Aging Report: columbia-special-agingreport
  • Classification Manager: columbia-special-classificationmanager
  • Content ID: columbia-special-contentid
  • Dashboard: columbia-special-dashboard
  • Draft Manager: columbia-special-draftmanager
  • First Login Welcome: columbia-special-firstloginwelcome
  • Restrict Access: columbia-special-pagerestrictions
  • Path Manager: columbia-special-pathmanager
  • Path Version History: columbia-special-pathrevisionhistory
  • Popular Pages: columbia-special-popularpages
  • Preferences: columbia-special-preferences
  • Print Book (MT4 only): columbia-special-printbook
  • Reports Dashboard: columbia-special-reports
  • Revision History: columbia-special-revisionhistory
  • Search: columbia-special-search
  • Search Report: columbia-special-searchreport
  • Site Analysis: columbia-special-siteanalysis
  • Link Manager: columbia-special-siteanalysis/linkmanager
  • Structure Analysis: columbia-special-siteanalysis/structure
  • Site History: columbia-special-sitehistory
  • Site Activity Report: columbia-special-siteactivityreport
  • Site Quality Report: columbia-special-sitequalityreport
  • Site Usage Report: columbia-special-siteusagereport
  • Subscription Manager: columbia-special-subscriptions
  • User Contributions: columbia-special-usercontributions
  • User Login Page: columbia-special-userlogin
  • User View and Search Activity: columbia-special-userviewandsearchactivity


  • Google Chrome: columbia-browser-chrome
  • Edge: columbia-browser-edge
  • Mozilla Firefox: columbia-browser-firefox
  • Internet Explorer (Mobile): columbia-browser-iemobile
  • Internet Explorer 9: columbia-browser-msie9
  • Internet Explorer 10: columbia-browser-msie10
  • Internet Explorer 11: columbia-browser-msie11
  • Safari: columbia-browser-safari


  • Android Device: columbia-platform-android
  • IPad Device: columbia-platform-ipad
  • IPhone Device: columbia-platform-iphone
  • Macintosh Device: columbia-platform-macintosh
  • Windows Device: columbia-platform-windows


  • Arabic (Saudi Arabia): columbia-lang-ar-sa
  • Catalonian (Spain): columbia-lang-ca-es
  • Czech (Czech Republic): columbia-lang-cs-cz
  • Danish (Denmark): columbia-lang-da-dk
  • German (Germany): columbia-lang-de-de
  • English (United States): columbia-lang-en-us
  • Spanish (Spain): columbia-lang-es-es
  • Finnish (Finland): columbia-lang-fi-fi
  • French (France): columbia-lang-fr-fr
  • Italian (Italy): columbia-lang-it-it
  • Japanese (Japan): columbia-lang-ja-jp
  • Korean (South Korea): columbia-lang-ko-kr
  • Norwegian Bokmål (Norway): columbia-lang-nb-no
  • Dutch (The Netherlands): columbia-lang-nl-nl
  • Polish (Poland): columbia-lang-pl-pl
  • Portuguese (Brazil): columbia-lang-pt-br
  • Russian (Russian Federation): columbia-lang-ru-ru
  • Swedish (Sweden): columbia-lang-sv-se
  • Turkish (Turkey): columbia-lang-tr-tr
  • Simplified Chinese (China): columbia-lang-zh-cn
  • Traditional Chinese (Taiwan): columbia-lang-zh-tw


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