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Page elements

Applies to:
MindTouch (current)
Role required:
Draft Contributor

There are various elements on the Expert page that play an important role in maintaining the health of your content and site.

Page settings

In page settings, pro members are able to write page summaries to surface in web searches and assign page tags and classifications to relate articles.

Page summary

The page summary is a DekiScript template that allows for the display of an article's page thumbnail and summary outside of page settings.


Dynamic listings

Pro members can configure navigation pages (category and guide pages) to display a dynamic listing of pages by selecting the detailed listing display option in Page settings (not shown above).

Page title

Anonymous users and community members cannot edit page titles; they can only view them.


Pro members (when hovering over the title) are presented with the opportunity to edit the page title.


Clicking the title edit icon (the pencil icon), pro members can edit the page title or URL (or both).


Last updated

The Last updated line underneath the page title displays the date and time the page was last edited and by whom.


Page notifications

Pro members have the option of receiving emails whenever a page or hierarchy is edited or changes by clicking the subscription icon (star icon) on the upper right-hand corner of the page.


The subscription icon contains options for pro members to subscribe to pages and/or sub-pages or to turn off notifications.


Table of contents (TOC)

The table of contents (TOC) lists the headings on a page with jump links to the heading sections.

Collapsed TOC

The table of contents is collapsed by default.


Expanded TOC

The expanded table of contents displays the heading links.



The body of the page contains any text, media, scripts, and HTML associated with an article. Pro members have the ability to modify this content through editor controls.

Back to top

The Back to top link is a jump link that redirects the user back to the top of the page.


Previous and next

The Previous and Next links toward the bottom of the page take users to the previous and next articles in the current article's hierarchy. If the current article is the first or last article in a section, the links jump to either the previous or next section within a hierarchy.


Article feedback

This functionality allows users to rate the article.


Once users rate the page, they have the option to leave additional feedback. 


Recommended articles

The recommended articles section contains a listing of articles related to the current article being viewed.


Classifications and tags

Classifications are used to organize types of articles such as topics, how-tos, FAQs, tutorials, etc. Clicking on a classification or tag link runs a search query that returns all pages with the same classification or tag. Tags relate search results and create relationships between articles. Clicking on a tag link will run a search query that will return all pages with the same tag. Pro members assign classifications and tags in page settings. 



Only pro members can view the list of attached articles at the bottom of the page. In the attachment list, pro members can upload, delete and modify files and their descriptions.



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