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3.3 - Custom Templates

Applies to:
MindTouch (current)
Role required:

What are Custom Templates and how are they used?

  • Custom Templates in MindTouch are used to provide your authors with a consistent way of laying out new articles, by allowing you to create your own personal layout for content such as FAQ's, Troubleshooting Articles, etc.
  • Custom Templates are typically applied when a new article is created, or when you want to add a snippet of content to an existing page.  During this process Templates are only copied to the page. Future changes to the Template will not apply to your previously created pages. 

Who can create Custom Templates?

  • Custom Templates can only be created by Authors, Editors and Admins. 

Who can make Templates active?

  • Admins are the only Pro Member who can make the newly created templates active by switching the Template Type to New Page or Content

This section will walk you through how to create and manage custom templates in MindTouch. 

Understand Custom Templates
Create custom templates in MindTouch to provide your authors with a consistent way to organize content.
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