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3.1 - Content Reuse

Applies to:
MindTouch (current)
Role required:
Draft Contributor
Reuse sections or entire pages of content on other pages.

► Video: Content Reuse

Why should you reuse content?

  • It makes it easy to update content across your entire site. 
  • You will only need to update content in one place for it to be updated across your site. 
  • Unlike templates, when you update the reused content it will update everywhere the content is being reused. 

How to reuse content

  1. Create new page or navigate to an existing page where you want to reuse content.
  2. While in Edit Mode, click the location on the page where you want the reused content to live. 
  3. Click on Elements and then click on Content Reuse.

choose content reuse from the elements drop down menu

  1.  Browse or Search for your source page

browse to find content  located in another section of your MindTouch site

search for content located on your MindTouch site

  1. Specify how much of the content you want to reuse:
    1. To reuse the entire page, choose the No section selected option.​​​​​
      • choose no section selected from the reuse section dropdown menu
    2. To reuse only a section of a page, select the appropriate section from the Reuse section drop-down list.
      • choose one of the section options  from the reuse section dropdown menu
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