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Training Part 2

Training Part 2
Training Part 2: Features of the MindTouch Editor, enhance your articles with content element options, and draft authoring.
2.1 - Create and Edit the Page Title

Consider how to create the best Page Titles for your MindTouch content.

2.2 - The MindTouch Editor

The MindTouch Editor is a WYSIWYG editor that includes many style and format options.

2.3 - Content Elements

Enhance your content with content element options.

2.4 - Understand the Table of Contents

The Table of Contents (TOC) hyperlinks to headings displayed by level.

2.5 - Tags & Recommended Articles

MindTouch Tags influence what appears as Recommended Articles at the bottom of each page.

2.6 - Draft Authoring

Use MindTouch Drafts, instead of Live Authoring,  to work on new content before publishing.



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