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Content Readiness for Agent Excellence

This webinar covers Pinned Pages, SAP / Salesforce integration updates, and Schedule Publish.


​Discover how to unlock the power of content readiness for exceptional customer experiences. Learn how to optimize content retrieval, unearth existing knowledge, and ensure readiness for every agent.

Speaker: Denise Vega, Product Manager, Expert


- This was the first webinar in a 3-part series hosted by the CXone Expert product team to help customers maximize product features.

- Denise introduced the scheduled publication feature which allows scheduling drafts/pages to auto publish/unpublish at a future date/time. This reduces effort for content updates and compliance workflows.

- Denise demo'd  the pinned pages feature which lets users pin frequently accessed pages for quick retrieval in Expert and Expert for CRM integrations. This enables personalization and efficiency for agents.

- Denise discussed enhancements to the Expert for CRM link-to-case integration like accessing linked articles per case, unified data configuration, enhanced reporting, and UX improvements. This helps ensure knowledge link quality and optimize knowledge reuse. 

- They had some Q&A throughout where customers asked clarifying questions about the features and provided feedback on potential future enhancements.

- Overall the webinar aimed to showcase new Expert features to improve content readiness, retrieval, and utilization for agents and knowledge workers.



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