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Completions Report API for GenSearch Responses

Your site can be configured to store generative queries and corresponding responses. This capability serves to help site administrators identify specific queries and responses for periodic auditing purposes, and to identify content gaps to improve generative responses. The report is a CSV download accessible through your browser or through the API.


The Completions Report API endpoint gives you data about the queries and responses site visitors are generating using Expert LLM tools on your site. This information shows:

  • How users ask questions
  • The responses generative AI returned for those questions
  • The pages the responses were pulled from to answer the query.

Each row in the report represents a Completions event.  

API endpoint:  GET {site-url}/@api/deki/llm/completion/report?month=YYYY-MM

Admins can call the report from the browser by modifying their URL as follows: {site-url}/@api/deki/llm/completion/report?month=YYYY-MM.

The report is updated daily at 12:00 AM PST, and contains data from the time the report has been enabled onward.

This will give you a result with the following data:

Field Name Description Type Example
USER_ID The user who performed the query NUMBER 840
QUERY_DATE The date and time the query was asked

UTC timezone


6/12/2024 18:54
QUERY The question the user asked GenAI STRING how do i get a server token
RESPONSE The response provided to answer the user's query STRING

" Here are the steps to get a server token:
1. Navigate to Site tools > Dashboard > Integrations > API Token Management.
2. In the Add an API token section, select the Server radio button. 
3. Enter a Name for the token that is easy to track and manage.
4. Click Generate API token. 
5. Record the API token information and copy your API token secret to a safe location. 
6. Do not close the API Token created window without copying and recording your secret. Your API Token key will not function without your secret, and your secret will no longer be accessible once the window is closed. Both the key and the secret are necessary for integrating with the Expert API, so do not lose them."

SOURCE_IDS The page IDs of the Kernels that answered the query STRING


To view the page, take the page ID and add /@go/page/{page id} to your site URL.
Example: {your-site-URL}/@go/page/16733 (from the browser URL box)


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