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groups/{groupid} (DELETE)


Remove a group

  • REST Method: DELETE
  • Method Access: public

Uri Parameters

Name Type Description
groupid string either an integer group ID or "=" followed by a double uri-encoded group name

Query Parameters

Name Type Description
authenticate bool? Force authentication for request (default: false)

Return Codes

Name Value Description
OK 200 Request completed successfully
Bad Request 400 Invalid input parameter or request body
Forbidden 403 Administrator access is required
Not Found 404 Requested group could not be found

Message Format


Implementation Notes

Groups provide the ability to associate a collection of users with a predefined role.

Use groups (GET) to retrieve a list of existing groups.

C# Code Samples: Delete a Group

The following code example deletes the group with ID 2:

Sample Code

Plug p = Plug.New("http://deki-hayes/@api/deki");
p.At("users", "authenticate").WithCredentials("admin", "password").Get();
p.At("groups", "2").Delete();

Implementation notes 

Add notes about requirements or config values

Curl Code Sample: Delete a Group

The following command deletes group "foo":

Sample Code

curl -u admin:password -X DELETE -i http://mindtouch.address/@api/deki/groups/=foo

Implementation notes 

curl flags

Provides external user authentication.
Specifies the HTTP request method.
Outputs the HTTP response headers. Useful for debugging.


ADMIN permission is required to execute above command.


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