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archive/pages/{pageid}/subpages (GET)


Retrieve the child pages that were deleted as well from deleting the given page

  • REST Method: GET
  • Method Access: public

Uri Parameters

Name Type Description
pageid string An integer page ID of a deleted page

Query Parameters

Name Type Description
authenticate bool? Force authentication for request (default: false)

Return Codes

Name Value Description
OK 200 The request completed successfully
Forbidden 403 Administrator access is required

Message Format


  <page.archive id="{id}" href="{uri}">
    <contents type="{contenttype}" href="{uri}" /> 

Implementation Notes

When a page is deleted, the page and all files on it are moved into the archive. A page is never permanently deleted; it will remain in the archive until it is restored (POST:archive/pages/{pageid}/restore). While a page is in the archive, it cannot be modified.

Use GET:archive/pages to retrieve a list of pages currently in the archive.

C# Code Sample: Retrieve Archived Page's Subpages

The following code example retrieves the subpages for the archived page ID 10168:

Sample Code

Plug p = Plug.New("http://deki-hayes/@api/deki");
p.At("users", "authenticate").WithCredentials("admin", "password").Get();
p.At("archive", "pages", "10168", "subpages").Get();

Sample Response from executing Code

  <page.archive id="10169" href="http://deki-hayes/@api/deki/archive/pages/10169/info">
    <contents type="application/x.deki0702+xml" href="http://deki-hayes/@api/deki/archive/pages/10169/contents" /> 

Implementation notes 

Add notes about requirements or config values

Curl Code Sample: Retrieve Archived Page's Subpages

The following command retrieves information about the subpages of an archived page (page.archiveID = 1)

Sample Code

curl -u admin:password -i http://mindtouch.address/@api/deki/archive/pages/1/subpages

Sample Response

page.archiveID = 589 (page name "Test") has two subpages.

  <page.archive id="563" href="">
    <path>Test/Foo</path> <!-- Foo, subpage of Test -->
    <contents type="application/x.deki0805+xml" href=""/>
  <page.archive id="564" href="">
    <path>Test/Foo/Pidgin</path> <!-- Pidgin, subpage of Foo, which is a subpage of Test -->
    <contents type="application/x.deki0805+xml" href=""/>

Implementation notes 

curl flags

Provides external user authentication.
Outputs the HTTP response headers. Useful for debugging.


ADMIN permission is required to execute above command.

Archived Pages

To view a list of archived pages, follow the instructions here.


If an archived page has no subpages, the response data will contain an empty XML document. i.e:
<pages.archive />
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